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2016-05-22 18:26:30 by zzulian



2015-09-27 03:06:48 by zzulian

As we all know, finishing a project and more specially a game is not an easy task. Many game projects started and just a few have seen an end. Espacially when the game is not well thought and too ambitious, the probability to finish it is close from zero. So this time I decided to make a game, with a simple design but enough complex to get some interest, since a long time ago I would to make a game like a bit Heroes (an old MS-DOS game), but also would like to generate a castle randomly. I've chosen a game title not very orginal, but it is what it is, a little Kingdom simulator.

Here a screenshot of the mainmenu"


So the goal is to manage a little kingdom, each day you have to choose some action, some events occure. Your goal is to make your kingdom survive as long as possible.

Here the main game screen:


So you can choose which part of your kingdom you want to develop, you can also hire a hero, and give a quest to  him. Depending your action, your castle can grow, and it will look like different each time you play. For that, I just made a little algoithm that generate a castle.

Here some kind of castles that the algorithm can generate:


"Dungeon Ruins" on mobile

2015-05-29 22:49:26 by zzulian

Trying to port the current game in progress "Dungeon Ruins" on mobile platforms, it works not bad on a XiaoMi (RedMi, HM NOTE 1L, CPU: quadcore1.6Ghz, 2go RAM), with Firefox.



Projects in progress

2015-05-25 22:30:27 by zzulian

Recently continuing an unfinished project called Dungeon Ruins.


- Each game starts with a ramdomly generated map.

- The goal of the game is to rebuild your dungeon (add walls, doors)

- Build farms to produce workers, forges to produces weapons. Workers can be converted to soldiers.

- There are not yet an experience system, but the king and the workes/soldiers can be equiped.

- Some giants rats appears during the game. Planing to add more monsters.

- Currently working on the doors, doors can be selected, destroyed, repaired, upgraded and attacked only by a certain type of monsters (like Gobelins).

- Planning to add special objects on the maps, the king could have some special habilities.

- Planning to add touch capabilities to make it works on mobile platforms.

Most of hard works are done (like workers can collect ressources, map generation, fighting system is implemented), but has to work on game details, monsters, game's balance, that needs time.


Dust and Crystals

2015-05-12 02:52:59 by zzulian

A RTS game with some Roguelike aspects, extract ressources, develop your colony, recrute heroes and try to survive. This game is still in development, but hope to finish it.


If you want to move your player like in the game 2030:


Here the player's ship has a "bullet behavior" with the property setAngle = yes.

Then you need to add the following events:


Coming soon

2014-11-29 06:52:13 by zzulian




Dungeon Ruins

2014-08-23 23:46:37 by zzulian


Starting a new game project: Dungeon ruins.

You play a king who lost a decisive battle and your dungeon is in ruins. Your main goal is to repair your dungeon. Some villagers will help you.

Here an early version screenshot:


What is done:

- Generating small map (forest and montain) with a random based algorithm.

- Placing a dungeon on the map, just one room that contains a treasure is not destroyed.

- The player can build walls, farms, and forges.

- The king can be selected and move on the map.

- The villagers can be selected and can received orders like collect woods and rocks.

What's next:

- Display on the HUD the villagers and king's information like life, defense, attack...

- When selecting a farm: display a button to create new villagers according to the limit of population.

- Display a button to destroy a farm or a forge.

- On the villager's HUD display a button to permit a soldier's conversion. It means that he can receive more orders and equipments.

- Generate names for villagers

- Generate enemies

- Generate some random objectives

- Place doors


Flying islands

2014-07-04 05:10:47 by zzulian


Flying Pyramid

2014-06-15 00:37:04 by zzulian