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2030 intro

2014-05-07 19:34:07 by zzulian

I'm planning to make something for the c2 jam. The theme is about 2030. I'm making an introduction for the game.

English is not my native language, so If yo see some mistakes please correct me. thx.


Fifteen years ago, somewhere in an isolated region...

Base 04, 3 nuclear missiles ready to be fired at any time in case of threat.


The computer that was used to compile the software controlling the launching was infected by a virus. This malicious program was able to modify the launching system behaviour.


One day, the nuclear weapons received the order from the virus to fire. Nobody expected that and it was already too late. 


The weapon launched was a new nuclear warhead capable to annihilate the entire earth.


Few hours later, three giant explosions erased a large part of the earth surface  whereas a lot of people died, the first day was not the worst.


Few days later, intense volcano activity begun. Explosions were so powerful that the earth's kernel was affected. The mankind was ending.


Few months later, earth and life were disapearing when an alien spaceship arrived. They were coming to save the humans from their own destruction


The alien technology permits to create new humans from the collected DNA.


Alien helped humans to jump start a civilization
 from earth's debris.


Alien were surprised by human's capacities. they quickly built a prospere civilization.


Until 2030, the new civilization extracted minerals from debris for aliens. The alien’s ressources needs were always increasing and some colonies started rejecting to continue working to fullfil this needs. 


You come from a human colony and you don't plan to work for aliens as a mineral extractor. Your colony kept enough gold to buy an interceptor ship.You first work as a freelancer.




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2014-05-26 00:48:08

Very nice!